The “Hiroshima-Semey Peace Project” was established by members of the Peace Forum in Semey, Kazakhstan on August 30, 2012 in order to increase awareness about nuclear related matters. The Peace Forum was held by the youth of Japan and Kazakhstan. The participating groups are the International Exchange Group “CANVaS”, which works for promoting international exchanges and peace operations among young people especially between Hiroshima and Kazakhstan, a student group of Semey State Medical University, and a Kazakh youth organization called “Zhas Otan” (Semey branch), which is the youth wing of the Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party.

At the Peace Forum, we discussed the main theme of “How do you think about nuclear materials intended for peaceful purposes?” While nuclear power is used for generating electricity and in the area of health, we have a lot of concerns such as the safety of nuclear power plants and how to deal with radioactive waste.

We reached a conclusion that we should have more opportunities to raise awareness about these matters.

Our project continues to disseminate information about issues related the atomic bombings in Japan and the current condition in Kazakhstan, which experienced many nuclear bomb tests as part of the former Soviet Union, in order to prevent from fading the memory of these incidents.




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